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Bashful Brittany

Bashful Brittany Review

California cutie Bashful Brittany has a tight, little ass that could turn homosexual men into vagina craving nymphomaniacs. Her site opened in 2009 and her big brown eyes (aren't they amazing eyes?) seem to have an ability to draw you into them like magnets. I don't know perhaps I'm just dumb like a big block of iron or something but I think Bashful Brittany proves once and for all, and this debate can now be closed, that blonde chicks rule the California beaches. Well, at least not wherever Brittany is swish swaying her curvy bottom in a bikini! - Visit "Bashful Brittany"

Score: 81.7%

Brittany's photo sets typically range in a healthy 100 to 150 per set range. This is a website that will quickly grow and thank goodness too because the internet needs more Bashful Brittany cuties! The photos are 850X1280 in size and high quality. Brittany's photos are so clear you could count her moles if you wanted. Good for those close inspections and dirty thoughts! Videos are so far videos of photo shoots, something hopefully that will be improved upon in the future. Even in such videos her personality shines through. She seems very playful and no doubt must be a fun girl to photograph. Brittany will be uploading candid photographs routinely and updating her diary. Hopefully she won't be fighting with her mother anymore because girls do need to learn how to cook even beautiful women like Brittany. - Visit "Bashful Brittany"

Bodsforthemods has been online for several years now and we've seen models come and go in this business. Bodsforthemods thinks Bashful Brittany is one of those models with staying power and a model who may become one of the more popular models to debut in 2009. - Visit "Bashful Brittany"

Visit "Bashful Brittany"


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