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I have been and will continue to find fresh teen girls to add to my ass colection. Did I just say ass collection? I meant to this website...look below for some of the girls that I have taken pictures of... Phil-Flash Cheerleaders - Yes...I have my very own cheer squad...11 cheerleaders to be exact! Live-ism - Live-ism is a new thing that I am doing...as a phil-flash.com member you will be able to watch my live photo shoot broadcasts. I usually broadcast all of my photo shoots with new amateur models. It is also very likely that I will randomly broadcast photo shoots of the p-f girls as well. If you do not know who the p-f girls are then look here ---> MeganQt.com, NextDoorNikki.com, SeannaTeen.com, and PrincessBlueyez.com. Guest Models - This is a very unique guest model section. The models that will be included in this section will be or have allready been photographed by me. Exclusives - This is a massive section of my website. Inside you will find candid pictures, candid beach pictures, club chicks dancing (video), mardi gras, tight teen denim ass, all p-f girls photo sets and video that include more than one p-f girl in them (triple shoot, 5 pack, 6pack, etc.)